Concept of Law,Justice and personal liberty

It goes without saying that concept of Justice is supreme. It is prior to liberty( i.e,Justitia Est Liberate Prior)
Law and Judges are its two limbs. “Law “and “Justice” , although two distinct concepts, are inter-related so much so, that we cannot conceive one without the other. Genesis as wel as the end of law is justice. We can conceive administration of justice without law but we cannot envision “administration of Justice” dehors Justice. There are certain basic norms of Justice like, equality, fairness and impartiality in all spheres of human activities. Quest for optimum justice is a continuous process and the theory of justice is not a static concept. Fundamental rights enshhrined in part (iii) of our Constitution are grounded on the ” Basic norms of justice “. Apart from the guaranteed rights in the Constitution or law. Every litigant is entitled as of right to the basic norms of justice from those who administer justice.

Law to ban mobile phones in class rooms

Schoolgoers fiddling with mobile phones cleverly concealed
beneath desks and chairs in their class rooms may soon find
themselves on the wrong side of the law.
According to a recent resolution ” Students will not be allowed
to carry mobile phone to the class rooms ” If they carry
mobile phones to school, the can leave them outsie the class
room in their bags. Such order may be passed for the schools
of Maharashtra within next couple of days. Many schools have
banned cell-phones in campus.

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